Thanks to recycled raw materials we obtain perfectly sustainable fabrics that meet the needs of our planet.

A wide selection of weights, patterns, colors.

Every season our creative team designs a new collection in line with the trends of the moment, but never loses sight of the values of respect for the environment.

We mix regenerated wool with recycled nylon and polyester to offer fabrics made entirely of recycled fibers. Our decades of experience make us ideal partners for brands that want to create circular garments, as we are also able to guide the design of clothes according to the principles of eco-design. So that a garment at the end of its life can be the protagonist of a new production cycle.

The Rigenius line represents the spearhead of Comistra: a line that embodies our social and ethical mission, a concrete testimony that a 100% recycling project is possible. 

But above all, Rigenius shows that it is possible to obtain a completely competitive and high-quality line from products that we consider as waste materials and which have reached the end of their life cycle.