for 100 years for sustainability

"We regenerate fabrics into the highest quality textiles with our machinery."

Growth and sustainability are what we want to stand out in, basing our strategies on the belief that ethics and profit cannot be at odds, as there can be no long-term economic development which stands far from social and environmental development.

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to helping generate positive change globally by taking clear environmental and social responsibility.

COMISTRA aims to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by adopting an approach oriented to monitoring and continuous improvement of performance, starting from compliance with current regulations with a constant focus on innovation and research and development.


In particular, to reduce environmental impact Comistra wants to constantly decrease the release of pollutants into the production processes and the environment. Comistra wants to ensure the respect of limits, related to the presence of chemical substances dangerous for man and environment, offering controlled products in line with the standards of our customers.


Fully aware that the implementation of sustainability goals is possible only in a collaborative effort, we seek partnerships with companies that share the same values of attention to environmental protection, people, and innovation orientation.