Linea Comfort.png

Sustainability comes at home

From our yarns, the Comfort line. 

Wrapping fabrics, warm and above all sustainable, created to live our most intimate moments in total comfort.

Plaids and clothing fabrics can be made in dozens and dozens of different shades and patterns.


Comistra's Comfort line is ideal for bringing an extra touch of softness to every moment at home but also outdoors, where the natural insulating power of wool can warm even the coldest winters.


Whether for a blanket that accompanies a comfortable afternoon with a hot  tea

or for a walk outdoors in a soft tracksuit: this line of fabrics is created and designed for durability, thanks to the know-how of raw materials that allows obtaining the ideal combination of softness, calorific value, and fashion standards.


The idea of relaxing takes on new shapes, at home, in the office, or when doing sports: the Comfort line is also beautiful and trendy. In these embracing fabrics, the traditional techniques of wool processing are present in their highest expression.