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We are Comistra

Eco-wool. Made in Italy


From the ancient textile district of Prato, Italy, we produce mechanical high-quality wool by recovering waste from the textile industry.

But Comistra is more than that: it’s also our history, our world.

For four generations our company has been implementing a circular economy. Our machinery applies cutting-edge technology to a traditional concept: recycling old clothes and creating new, better fabrics.

A global history from the small textile district of Prato, Italy

In our factories in the textile district of Prato, Italy, we transform old woolen fabrics into high-quality yarns, which are given a new life: this is our "mechanical wool".

Since 1920 we have believed in sustainable fashion, a true eco-fashion on a global scale that respects our wonderful planet and limits waste.

The climate changes we are witnessing in these years remind us: we have a responsibility towards our extraordinary planet.

Regenerated wool for a truly circular economy

Our regenerated wool is a concrete and feasible way to promote an ecological and sustainable fashion: our grandparents, here in the textile district of Prato, already knew this when they foresaw the best way to recycle old clothes.

From the humble cenciaiolo man pushing a cart from house to house to collect old yarns we have now progressed into a complex industry. This technology is now exportable to the whole world.


Our values

1. Innovation

2. Integrity

3. Sustainability

A real Eco-fashion is possible

Recycling effectively means producing a quality fabric, competitive even for world-class fashion brands. Discover our lines of fabrics and yarns.

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